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AdsJack is a new day ad technology platform that pays its users for viewing ads. The app is available both on mobile and web for users to sign up / download. It has many fascinating features that make it all the more user friendly. The app is and will be continuously evolving as per the users requests.

Features of the app

watch videos


Viewers can watch videos and earn points.

Promote videos


Viewers can share the videos on Facebook and earn extra points



Viewers can download apps and earn more points.

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What’s in it
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Now that you have navigated till here, we would like to bestow you with good news. Your search for a means to earn free recharge ends here with AdsJack. You watch video ads and we pay you. It’s just that simple! So, why waste your free time when you can use it to earn. Sign up now and see for yourself.

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AdsJack is a modern day ad technology platform that helps advertisers to collaborate with their users for various marketing needs. This unique platform attracts users organically thereby providing a higher ROI on marketing spend.
AdsJack pays its users for viewing the ads on their tool. Therefore, advertisers end up spending a substantial part of their marketing budget on their customers. The app boasts of a number of features that are designed to boost the advertisers’ capability to promote their products at users’ convenience. It is a win-win situation for both advertisers and viewers.


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